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Bienvenidos a Native Spanish (or Spanish Online, like our site Portuguese Online). Learning Spanish on our site isn't complicated, but it is a bit unique for a free web course. Pronouncing Spanish (includes dialect differences) is a good place to start. The lessons teach the language through events or situations, using those as a window to grammar and vocabulary.

Introduction to the Spanish Language

What's the difference between "Spain Spanish" and "Latin American Spanish"? How many people speak the language? What do I have to go through to learn it? How do I use this site to learn Spanish? Find answers to these...

Pronunciation Sound Files

This site uses sound files in the lessons and pronunciation pages. You will need to verify that you can play these files, or search for a good, reliable, safe player if you don't have one.

About this site

These Spanish lesson pages make up one of many nativlang.com courses. Visit the homepage to browse free online courses and purchase books on variety of foreign languages (including the Romance languages) and a range of topics in logic & linguistics (syntax, phonology, the IPA and more).

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