Pois não: Brazilian Portuguese Course for Spanish Speakers

In Pois não, Antônio Simões delivers a Portuguese course with a “basic reference grammar”. It’s different from your typical Portuguese course, as it targets learners who already speak Spanish. Although there are great differences between Spanish and Portuguese, the author capitalizes on the mass of similarities between these two Ibero-Italic languages to speed up the learning process. The theme and style are reminiscent of Simões’ other effort, Com Licença!: Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers.

In this book, you learn grammar, syntax (sentence structure), vocabulary and conversation skills through modular lessons. Lessons include explanations of a variety of language topics, along with drills and exercises. Throughout the text (actually, in both books mentioned above), the writer consistently draws comparisons between Spanish and Portuguese. These comparisons highlight each and every language topic in the course.

Since I haven’t acquired a copy of this book to read thoroughly, I don’t give this book a score or a full review. I’ve thumbed through it the few times I’ve seen it at a bookstore. Do you have any recommendations related to Pois não?

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