What It Costs to Learn Portuguese

With so many Portuguese courses and materials out there, which one should you use to learn the language? After spending time with dozens of Portuguese language-learning materials of all stripes, I don’t think there’s a single, simple answer. But, if you’re like most of us, one of the biggest factors in your decision will be price.

I have conducted a short price comparison of select Portuguese materials that I consider to be worth your money if you’re after what they claim to provide. I have divided these courses into categories, allowing you to compare somewhat similar courses and to get a sense of the types of courses on the market.

The US dollar amount given for each Portuguese course reflects the current market price as of the writing of this article (October 2009).

Basic Book & Audio Courses (cover only the basics for beginners).
Typically colorful, attractive, slow introductions to the basics.
Conversational Portuguese in 7 Days $16.95
Portuguese in 10 Minutes a Day $24.95
Average: $20.95

Book and CD/Cassette Courses for beginners (beginner to intermediate courses).
Teach Yourself Portuguese $29.95
Living Language Ultimate Portuguese $79.95
Portuguese for Dummies $24.99
Range: $25-80
Average: $44.96

Basic Multimedia Courses (Audio & Software).
Cover only the basics for beginners (phrases & vocabulary, asking and answering questions, dealing with basic travel and social situations)
Pimsleur Comprehensive I $345
Rosetta Stone $229
Michel Thomas $79
Range: $ 80 – 345
Average: $ 218

Full Multimedia Courses (Audio & Software).
Cover beginner to intermediate and even some advanced material (grammar, conversation & vocabulary, typically aimed at mimicking real-life situations).
Pimsleur I, II & III $1035*
Rosetta Stone 1, 2 & 3 $539
Michel Thomas Beginner, Advanced $139.90
Linguaphone Portuguese $225.00 (£179.90 according to their website)
Range: $140-1035
Average: $484.73

Portuguese Grammar References.
Dover Essential Portuguese Grammar $5.95
Barron’s 501 Portuguese Verbs $18.99
Modern Portuguese: A Reference Grammar $63.00
Harrap’s Pocket Portuguese Grammar $10.95
Range: $6-65
Average: $24.72

Portuguese Dictionaries.
Larousse Concise $17.95
Collins Concise $15.00
Oxford New $6.99
Collins Pocket $12.00
Range: $7-18
Average: $12.99

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