Learn Portuguese on the Internet (online resources)

On this site, I review Portuguese language learning products that learners must pay for. I write to get your attention before you shell out your hard earned cash on a Portuguese course. If it’s free, I figure you’ll try it for yourself. If you must buy it, I’ll get my hands on it first and give you the low-down. That’s been my driving mentality when choosing which resources to review.

Still, I find myself answering questions about free online websites: are there decent lessons and resources available to help learners on the web? If so, what (and where) are they? Allow me to provide several answers.

Websites offering free online Portuguese lessons

A handful of websites provide full lessons, audio and a comprehensive course approach to the language. Three sites offer audio and written courses. Easy Portuguese covers the basics of the language as spoken in Brazil, and does so smoothly and with a nice format. Related to this review site you’re reading, Portuguese Online is a lesson-by-lesson approach tackling pronunciation, grammar, basic phrases and conversational lessons. Learn to Speak the Portuguese Language also has conversational lessons.

Sonia Portuguese focuses on Brazilian language and culture, with grammar and pronunciation. If none of the above does it for you, try these Short Portuguese Lessons.

Some free websites basic or incomplete in scope. Simply Put Portuguese and Portuguese For Everyone seem to fall into this category (the latter only contains one lesson as I’m writing).

Online interactions with native speakers

More recently, I’ve stumbled upon free programs that help you connect with and learn from native Portuguese speakers.

Perhaps the hottest of these at this time is LiveMocha, which offers Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese lessons.

Portuguese Grammar

Marko Huuhilo’s Brazilian Portuguese offers an organized and easy-to-use summary of grammar and language functions with sound files. Portuguese Online’s Portuguese Quick Grammar also offers a comprehensive outline of grammar. A Romance linguistics site, Orbis Latinus, has a descriptive grammar of Portuguese. Verbix will conjugate a large number of Portuguese verbs for you.

Sample lessons or free sign ups for paid programs

Some well received programs will teach you Portuguese from your home computer, but for a fee. These are often more complete and professional than the free websites mentioned above. I have three for you to check out: LingQ, Maria Oliveira and Verbal Planet.

If you’re looking for multimedia software, Byki Express: Portuguese (for both Brazil and Portugal) is a free basic program, for which you may purchase an upgrade.

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