About Portuguese Language Learning Reviews

A site full of reviews and ratings of recommended resources that claim to help you learn Portuguese.

About the site

Portuguese Language Learning Reviews is a free consumer service offered by nativlang.com. The main purpose of this website is to provide accurate, useful, information-rich reviews and recommendations to language learners who plan to purchase some form of Portuguese language lessons or learning materials.

About the author

I have studied linguistics and attempted to learn a wide variety of languages over the past twenty years. I use language learning books, cds, software and more every single day of my life. I’d like to pass along some of that expertise.

How these reviews work

Blog posts are reviews of products. On the other hand, pages provide extra information to help you be a discerning language learner (and shopper) as well as to help you learn Portuguese.

Reviews (posts) have four parts:
1) Title (always book/resource product title, often with author name)
2) score
3) pros & cons list
4) link to view/purchase product
5) longer explanation of product contents and my opinions

All Portuguese language materials are scored from 1 to 10. The evaluation is weighted based on the price point of the item and the type of item considered. A $200 language conversation course will score a ten if it proves worth the $200 AND if it fulfills the goal of teaching good conversation skills.

I am fairly critical of the material that I review, which means that courses that score high (8-10) seem worth buying, and do an excellent job of achieving their goal. I highly recommend that you buy anything falling within that range, so long as it matches your needs. By “matches your needs”, I mean that if I review a Portuguese phrase book 9/10 and you need a Portugese phrase book, I highly recommend this one.

Let me broadly break the numerical ratings into ordinary language.

1-3: “This resource does not offer Portuguese language learners much help, and does not justify its price.”
3-5: “This resource is somewhat useful to Portuguese language learners, but has serious flaws.”
5-7: “This is a good resource for students and learners of the Portuguese language.”
8-9: “This is a great resource for students and learners of the Portuguese language.”
10: “This is a must-have resource for Portuguese language learners, and more than justifies the price.”

I implore you to understand your needs before buying anything recommended on this site. How well do you want to speak Portuguese? Fluently? Which dialect (Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese)? How do you learn best? Do you prefer books, CDs, software, other? How much time can you dedicate to a language course? Do you want to read & write the language or just speak it? Make yourself a list of these kinds of goals. Believe it or not, these questions have an impact on the choices you should make as you learn the language.

How you can help

If you are kind enough to link to this site or to make your purchases starting on the review page, your help will go a long way in supporting this site’s effort. Leave a comment or send a message – your feedback is appreciated, fellow language learner!

2 Responses to “About Portuguese Language Learning Reviews”

  1. How about doing a review of LingQ.com as a resource for learning Portuguese, as well as other languages?

  2. Anne Walter says:

    Could you review The LinguaphonePortuguese Course written by Antonio Fornazaro and AnaPaula Ramos Da Silva . 2 nd Edition. 1994 CD version.

    I am currently construting a blog .. listing Portuguese Language Learning resources on the Web online resources. I am happy to pass the link when I have further developed it.

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