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Portuguese Online
S I T E _ N E W S


June 9, 2009

It has been a while, não é? I'm happy to announce that the site has moved to more stable ground. We're now found at www.nativlang.com/po/. Added links to the main page - one connects you with a helpful resource for grammar studies (my new book) and the other leads to a forum for Portuguese Online hosted on the Native Language website.


October 4, 2004

A new lesson is finished (Lesson 4). All of the other lessons were proofread, and a few small errors corrected. Your feedback has been amazing and much appreciated. Thanks to the compliments, criticisms, and, of course, a little of my hard labor, this site will just keep getting better!


September 2,

This latest update streamlined many of the sites rougher edges. Some of the flash text and images has been removed to favor a cleaner and faster load. I restored a few broken links and corrected errors brought to my attention. On top of that, a brand new lesson is on the way. Please send any comments or suggestions.

April 6, 2004

As of April 6, 2004, Portuguese Online has finally launched its new site. The new version incorporates a more user-friendly interface, a very handy Quick Grammar, and other interesting new features.

Portuguese Online is proud to launch the newest version of its site. With the QuickGrammar completed in the past week and the addition of sound files to the Pronunciation Guides and Lessons, the ever-expanding pages of this site are ready for action.

Portuguese Online thanks users for their kind words and useful criticism. Please know that this new site represents the beginning stages of a very large project. Pardon any unfinished or "under construction" areas, and expect a lot more to come!

March 30, 2004

A few time delays and initially unplanned updates have kept the new Portuguese Online out of service for much longer than anticipated. Among the most useful of these updates is the addition of a QuickGrammar section. This tool provides short lessons on all the major topics of beginning and intermediate Portuguese grammar.

Updated versions of the old lessons (1-3) are finished, as well as the three new beginner ("Para começar") lessons. As soon as the sound files are completed for the pronunciation sections and the lessons, the new site will launch.

December 28, 2003

The new site is scheduled to launch in the next several weeks. At this time, the pages are being created and updated daily. Character/animation design and Flash movies for the introduction scene and portmenu.htm were completed in the past week, and debugged to satisfaction today. At this point, the movies only lack audio.

Ideally, I would like to present learners with a user-friendly, hands-on site tutorial by the time of the site's launch. That project is currently under development, along with the revamped lessons.

I look forward to hearing feedback about the new site "mascot", João, as well as the number of other changes to the site.