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Portuguese Online




Portuguese Online

A website dedicated to both Brazilian and European Portuguese language learning on the internet, it contains a growing section of helpful lessons, pronunciation guides for both dialects, a number of useful reference materials and guides, links, and site information.

The site was created on November 26, 1998 as a simple phrases and pronunciation page. After a year, it was given a facelift, complete with a full pronunciation guide, basic phrases with sound files, and lessons.

A rough prototype homepage for the newest site was designed in early 2003, but many of the images, animations, and design ideas did not make the cut. The final project was in development for over four months, beginning in October of 2003.


The Romance Languages

This site offers basic information about many of the Romance Languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Catalan and Galician. It also provides several pages on classical Latin, the changes that occurred between Vulgar Latin and the modern languages, and concrete comparisons of cognate words between Latin and the languages.

The pages here may be of more interest to budding linguists and curious passerbys than learners of a specific Romance language, since the comparative information is deeper than the presentation of any one language beyond the introductory level. It should still be of interest to the learner or speaker of one of these languages to see these connections in a greater historical context.

This is a site whose format has changed little since its debut, but has greatly increased and strengthened its content. Further updates are planned for this site, as well.