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Portuguese Online
S I T E _ F A Q



If your problem isn't addressed here, please send an e-mail to languagejosh AT h o t m a i l DOT c o m (if you can decode that, it will save me loads of spam).



I can't see the some of the text and any of the animations.

Some content on this site has been created using Macromedia Flash and requires your browser to have a special plugin to view this content. If you find yourself staring at too many empty gray bars or blank spaces (and that isn't normal for you), download the plugin.



I'm having trouble accessing the sound files.

The sound files will play in programs like Windows Media and RealPlayer. Left or right-click the link to the sound file, select open and allow the file to load, then select play on your media interface. Make sure that your program is not set to loop sounds, because these files are very short.



I tried to link to a page and received an error message.

The link may be dead. If the link was found on the Links pages, the site may no longer exist. If found within this site, please notify Portuguese Online immediately.



Why this color scheme?

The colors of Portuguese Online represent the flags of the two pivotal Portuguese-speaking countries, Brazil and Portugal. The color scheme has been tested, shaded and muted to make sure that visiting this site is a pleasant viewing experience.



Why is the site design so different on the lessons pages?

The lessons of Portuguese Online are the crux of the site. While many bells and whistles are present in the latest version, it is imperative that the language learners using this site be able to study in a colorful and attractive environment, but not so flashy that pop-up ads and various animations distract from the learning experience. I believe that, in the long run, this is one of the features that sets this site apart from various others.



What further improvements are in development, and why should I care if a portion of banner proceeds go to this site?

If you have been pleased with the content and delivery of Portuguese Online in the past, you should be very excited to see what is in store.

The proceeds from advertising on this site are used to fund site development and site projects. These include, but are not limited to, the investment in a domain name in the very near future, software that will help to improve upon the site's quality and reliability, as well as further surprises in future updates.



Why does this site advertise (see also above), and can I advertise here?

This site has always sought out advertisers offering products or services that would be somehow meaningful or beneficial to this site's target audience.

Portuguese Online advertises to invest in its own future and to give something remarkable back to language learners that keeps getting better.



What's in it for the author (any profit)?

While this site is a Herculean effort, I undertake it with pride and joy. The goal of this site is not to make a monetary profit. The site intends to provide a useful and meaningful way for you to learn a new language in a comfortable and fun, yet challenging setting.



Why does the site name have an italicized O?

Quite simply, the "O" fell off. It was gingerly dropped back into place by our mascot, João, but still hangs a little crooked. See the site intro.



The pages appear distorted.

For optimal viewing, it is recommended that you maximize your browser. This allows everything to fit better on the page, and reflects the targeted web design. If this still doesn't work, you may have a more specific problem. In this case, please contact me.