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Click on João to see his version of verb tables.

Verb tables provide an excellent source of reference materials for language learners and speakers of Portuguese alike. They are extremely compact, and require you to know something of how the language works before using them.

Choose one of the following sections:

Portuguese Regular Verb Endings
A table of regular endings for all tenses and moods of the three conjugations (-ar, -er and -ir verbs), plus terminations for the irregular ending -or (verbs formed from pôr).

Portuguese Irregular Verbs
This page lists all of the common irregular verbs in the language and very briefly explains how to distinguish irregular verbs from regular ones.

How to Use the Tenses and Moods
This takes a little of the edge off the dense concentration of information and lack of helpful guidance found in the verb tables (especially when compared to the lessons). It includes a short table outlining all the tenses and moods in Portuguese, including examples of their usage.

Further Info:

These tables use the font Times New Roman to avoid confusion between some characters.

The verb tables are extracted from the former Portuguese Online site and are under constant revision. I welcome all questions, comments, and corrections.

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