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The links below connect to sites that should be useful to those interested in the Portuguese language. To reference the cultural links page, click here.

Please send a message if you find any broken links or if you stumble upon a noteworthy site.

Introductions to the Portuguese Language (phrases and online courses)

Intute (websites for study and research)
Find Portuguese lessons and courses on Intute's study search site.

Travlang's European and Brazilian Portuguese for Travelers
Includes dozens of phrases with sound files (scroll down to flags, click the green and blue flag for Brazilian, the green and red for European).

Brazilian Portuguese Language
Marko Huuhilo's site introduces the basics of Brazilian Portuguese. A great site for beginners!

A site dedicated to Brazilian Portuguese, with a brief overview on grammar and a good selection of phrases, proverbs and activities.

De tudo um pouco
Lessons in European Portuguese from Glasgow University.

For Advanced Learners

Código de redação (convenções da língua escrita)
Site that details conventions of the written language used in editing and proofreading.

Ciberdúvidas da Língua Portuguesa
"Cyber-doubts", a site for advanced learners and Portuguese speakers that works through language-related questions.

Links Pages

The Portuguese Language
Links to language learning sites, dictionaries, news journals, texts, and more.

Português na Internet - os melhores sites
Links to several Portuguese language-learning sites.

Online Dictionaries & Translation

Freedict.com's English-Portuguese-English Dictionary
A translating dictionary (word-for-word correspondence, no definitions).

Altavista Babelfish
A machine translation service providing rough text translations.

Língua Portuguesa On-Line
A Portuguese language dictionary that includes etymology, pronunciation and grammar.


Literatura Brasileira
Provides selected works from Brazilian authours throughout the centuries (in Portuguese).

Historical & Linguistic Information

A Língua Portuguesa / The Portuguese Language
A historical overview presented by Adelardo de Medeiros (in Portuguese, English, French).

Ethnologue Report on Portuguese
Some data on the distribution the Portuguese language.

Portuguese Online Suggests:

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Introduction to the Portuguese Language

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