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João, the main character throughout the Lições.

The lessons on this site are divided into two categories: Para começar and Lições.

Section 1. Para começar...
These three lessons offer a solid basic introduction to the Portuguese language. Upon completion, you will know how to greet, introduce yourself, give your name, age, and place of origin, and ask the same of anyone else. You will learn to count to ten. You will also learn to pronounce nasal vowels, diphthongs, and how to stress Portuguese words, including using written accent marks to show stress. Pages differ if you choose the dialect of Brazil or Portugal.

Requirements: It is mandatory that you first complete the basic course in Pronouncing Portuguese (you must have a fundamental understanding of either Brazilian or European Portuguese pronunciation, but you are allowed to go above and beyond). You do not need to complete the courses on pronouncing nasal vowels, diphthongs, and stress in the Pronouncing Portuguese section before moving on to these lessons.

Para começar... 1
For starters... 1

Click for: Brazilian | European

Para começar... 2
For starters... 2

Click for: Brazilian | European

Para começar... 3
For starters... 3

Click for: Brazilian | European


Section 2. Lições
The lições, or lessons, form the core of this site. You will learn all of the fundamentals of Portuguese grammar, pronunciation, and conversation, and will leave with an advanced working knowledge of the language. Please read through the Site Introduction to better understand how these lessons work.

Requirements: You must have an informed beginner's knowledge of the langauge. You must have gone through the basic course on Pronouncing Portuguese as well as the three Para começar lessons above, or have an equivalent understanding of the language. If your understanding of Portuguese is weaker than indicated in the first paragraph under Section 1. Para começar..., then you are not yet ready to begin the Lições.

Lição 1: Como se diz isso em português?
First lesson: How do you say that in Portuguese?

Lição 2: Não posso!
Second lesson: I can't!

Lição 3: O que aconteceu?
Third lesson: What happened?

Lição 4: Quando era menino / menina
Fourth lesson: When I was a boy / girl


>>Other Info:

Cliking on any of the above links will direct you to the lições pages, which do not share the same format as the general site. The lições pages do contain links back to the main site.

The lições use the font Times New Roman to avoid confusion between certain characters.

These lessons are extracted from the former Portuguese Online site and are under constant revision. I welcome all questions, comments, and corrections.

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