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The links below connect to sites that should be useful to those interested in Portuguese and Brazilian culture, literature, music, etc. To reference the language links page, click here.

Please send a message if you find any broken links or if you stumble upon a noteworthy site.

Brazilian Culture (Overview)

"The hip gringo's guide to Brazil", overflowing with useful material.

A Cultura do Brasil
An introduction to Brazilian culture.

Cultura Brasileira
An introduction to Brazilian culture.

Brazil Brazil
All about Brazil: people, culture, travel, business, art, sports and history.

Are you Brasileiro/a?
A long list of ways to see if you're a true Brazilian. Find out if you live somewhere else, but actually belong in Brazil...

Portuguese Culture (Overview)

The Portuguese Culture Web
Futebol, wild drivers, and saints: you must be in Portugal.

Portuguese Culture Pages
A links page to dozens of sites on the subject.

Cultura Portuguesa - Portuguese Culture
Links to a handful of official sites such as the Ministry of Portuguese Culture (Ministério da Cultura de Portugal), Museum of Portuguese History (Museu Histórico Português), and the National Library of Portugal (Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal).

Online News Journals

News from Brazil and Latin-America.

O Mundo Luso
Site in Portuguese connecting to resources, news, and community links.

Brazil Post
News from Brazil in English.

O Jornal do Brasil
Published in S. Paulo.

O Jornal do Brasil
From Rio de Janeiro.

A Folha de S.Paulo
One of Brazil's largest dailies.

Links to Brazilian online news sites.

Expresso Online
Portuguese news journal (Portugal).

Correio da Manhã
Portuguese news journal (Portugal).

Diário de Coimbra
Portuguese news journal (Coimbra, Portugal).

Azores News
News from the Azores in Portuguese.

O Jogo
"The Game": Sports news from Portugal.


Discover Brazil
Maps, links, deals, and more.

Brazil Special Net
Book hotels, tickets, and get special deals.

Brazil Travel Notes
Information about the country and links.

Portugal Online Travel
Travel information about Portugal.

Portugal Travel Guide
Travel information about Portugal.

Welcome to Portugal
Travel info.

Madeira Holiday
Visit the island of Madeira!

Music (Brazil)

All Brazilian Music
Information, news, new releases, search movements & genres (English and Portuguese).

Samba, Bossa Nova, Brazilan jazz (English and Portuguese).

Brazilian music, dance and folklore.

The Brazilian Sound: Brazil's Music and Culture
Buy books and CD's.

Rock Brasileiro
Brazilian rock: info, links, multimedia.

Music (Portugal)

Portuguese Music
Links to bands' sites.

Mystery Portuguese Guitar
A look at the Portuguese guitar.

Portugal Roots Web
A short description of the Fado (the quintessential genre of Portuguese music).

Portuguese Music Trivia and Quizzes
Two "tough" quizzes and one "average" one... good luck!


Literatura Brasileira
Provides selected works from Brazilian authours throughout the centuries (in Portuguese).

Portuguese Literature
An overview of the history and development.

Historical Information

History of Portugal
An outline of the country's history from the pre-Roman era to the present.

History of Portugal: Primary Documents
A short selection.

History of Portugal - Wikipedia
Excerpt from a free online encyclopedia.

History of Portugal with idealportugal.com
A historical overview for tourists and residents.

History of Brazil
Dedicates several paragraphs to each era, from early explorations to the present.

A Brief History of Brazil
A brief history from BrazilBrazil.com.

History of Brazil - Wikipedia
Excerpt from a free online encyclopedia.

Guia de História do Brasil
A multitude of references on many topics for scholars and historians (Portuguese).

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