Love, Hate and Everything in Between: Expressing Emotions in Japanese

7 / 10
truly covers the range from love to hate; includes both upstanding and gritty expressions; good index and table of contents help you find the emotion you want to express; examples present every expression in context; explanations kept short but focused; romaji alongside traditional kanji and kana script for every phrase & example; solid organization; rarely strays from its premise and goals

book’s content is entirely limited to emotional expressions; won’t please anyone looking for a dictionary or a phrasebook, since it straddles the fence between both; extra proverbs struck me as a bit out of place

Love, Hate and Everything in Between introduces you to a range of emotional expressions and phrases in Japanese. This work presents a nonstandard dictionary of expressions arranged by topic.

The book is divided into two main parts. The first covers “uncertainty to love”, with phrases ranging from ambivalent to infatuation and excess. The second runs the other half of the gamut, from derision to sarcasm to anger and betrayal. Along the way, you’ll find colorful phrases for nearly every emotion you’ll want to express.

Each page deals with just a few such expressions. You’ll see Japanese phrases listed in bold romaji, then Japanese script. Then, indented below that, there’s a translation, an explanation, and one or more lengthy, contextualized sample sentences using the expression.

A few pages near the end also list a couple dozen emotion-related proverbs and sayings. The alphabetical index lists Japanese phrases in romaji transliteration and English, along with page numbers. The table of contents also lists the thirty or so general emotional topics for quick reference.

If you’re looking to supplement your studies of the Japanese language with a book that offers easy access to Japanese expressions covering a range of emotions, Love, Hate and Everything in Between is your guide book. That this quasi-dictionary is readable, has relevant examples, explanations and is well organized and indexed is just a plus if you enjoy the content.

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