Japanese Kanji Flashcards (White Rabbit Press)

Hodges’ & Okazaki’s Japanese Kanji Flashcards provide a systematic way to learn over 1000 kanji characters by studying hundreds of flashcards. Cards are color coded to three levels of proficiency as measured by the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (levels 4 through 2 – it counts down in difficulty). Although I have yet to write a full review of this resource, I compare these cards to the competition in my review of Tuttle’s Kanji Cards.

It’s also worth your while to sneak a peek at some images of one of the flashcards in the link above. If you’re going to spend hours upon hours learning and practicing kanji on the path to reading Japanese, it’s worth considering which product you’d rather work with before you buy.

It’s also worth noting that both this and the Tuttle series sell kana syllabary cards for your hiragana and katakana studies, if you haven’t jumped those hurdles yet.

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