About this site

A site full of reviews and recommendations of language materials that help you learn to speak Japanese.

What’s the purpose of this site?

Japanese Language Learning Reviews provides free product reviews of Japanese language courses, lessons and reference materials. It’s a free consumer service offered by nativlang.com. My purpose as a long-time language learner who’s used hundreds of materials of all types, and a fellow Japanese learner, is to offer you useful, descriptive reviews and ratings. If you plan to buy some form of Japanese language book, CD or software to help you learn, this is the place to start looking.

Please be patient and specific with the search function. Browse through my categories to see reviews of different types of resources.

About the reviewer

I have studied linguistics and attempted to learn a wide variety of languages over the past twenty years. I often use language learning books, cds and multimedia… in fact, I do so every single day. Some of that language-learning expertise is worth passing along to you, especially if it helps you make a good purchase and guides you in the right direction toward conversational and written fluency.

About the reviews

Posts. Every blog post is a review. Reviews are titled with the book/material title and, usually, author’s name. These are followed by a review score (rating), a list of pros and cons, and a link to view/purchase the resource. Every word that follows the link is a detailed summary of the product’s contents and my opinion of the product.

Pages. Pages (like this one) are not reviews. They offer additional insight to help you understand the reviews, helpful information about learning Japanese, or both.

Scores. All Japanese language materials are scored from 1 to 10. The evaluation is weighted based on the price point of the item and the type of item considered. A $200 language conversation course will score a ten if it proves worth the $200 AND if it fulfills the goal of teaching good conversation skills.

I am fairly critical of the material that I review, which means that courses that score high (8-10) seem well worth buying, and do an excellent job of achieving their goal. I highly recommend that you buy anything falling within that range, AS LONG AS it matches your linguistic needs.

Let me associate my number ranges with my thoughts on the matter.

1-3: “This resource does not offer Japanese language learners much help, and fails to justify its price.”
3-5: “This resource is somewhat useful to Japanese language learners, but has serious flaws.”
5-7: “This is a good resource for students and learners of the Japanese language.”
8-9: “This is a great resource for students and learners of the Japanese language.”
10: “This is a must-have resource for Japanese language learners, and goes beyond justifying the price.”

You can help

If you are gracious enough to link to this site or to make your purchases starting on our review pages, your patronage will go a long way in supporting these reviews. Leave a message, fellow Japanese learner – I would love to hear from you!

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  1. By Isoko Durbin, October 18, 2009 @ 2:33 pm

    Hello! I tnink your website is great. I recently self-published a Japanese verb conjugation book on Amazon.com. How could I get reviewed by you? I am very happy to send you a free copy to you if you could. The website I attached explains what my book is. I appreciate if you could check it out, and if you are interested in my book.

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