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Score: 9/10 Pros: fully conjugates 555 verbs; examples of every verb in use; notes whether verb is transitive/intransitive, any spelling changes the verb undergoes & which auxiliary used with each verb; clean, uncluttered, easy-to-read verb tables; intro explains the whole Italian verb system; three very useful verb indices allow you to cross-reference any verb, quickly […]

Score: 8/10 Pros: covers all major topics in beginning & intermediate Italian grammar; lots of exercises relate directly to specific grammar topics; the structure of the book, the examples & charts all present information in an organized fashion; regular & irregular verb tables in appendix; organized by part of speech, making it easy for students […]

Score: 8/10 Pros: 300 of the most common Italian verbs fully conjugated; all forms in all tenses & moods listed; indicates irregular stress accent & vowel pronunciation for all verb forms (rare!); two examples of each verb in use; great index in both Italian & English, with page numbers & further verbs conjugated like those […]

Score: 7/10 pros: color-coded tables make verb forms easy to spot; a couple example sentences of each verb; color cartoon drawings visualize the meaning of every verb in the book; verbs are fully conjugated in all forms included in the book; low price; great introduction to the basics of verbs & layout/use of the book; […]

Score: 9/10 pros: makes each translation of a word clear by listing it in context and on a new line; terms and definitions are obvious and easy to spot; pages well formatted and organized for search; important, basic words have fuller sections devoted to their use; covers a good number of terms, even if fewer […]