A web site that rates and reviews recommended materials claiming to help you speak Italian.

About this site

Italian Language Learning Reviews is a free consumer service offered by nativlang.com. This site has one goal: to offer precise, detailed, informative reviews for Italian language learners who plan to spend money on some form of Italian language learning product.

About the reviewer

My area of interest is Romance linguistics, and I’ve tried to learn more than a few foreign languages over my decades of study. I find myself consistently referencing language learning audio CDs, books and software. Along the way, I’ve encountered resources both good and bad, and I’m using this site to share some of that hard-won experience.

How do these reviews work?

Blog posts are reviews of products. On the other hand, pages offer extra information to help mature your skills as a discerning language learner (and shopper), as well as information about the Italian language.

Reviews (posts) have four parts:
1) Title (always the product title, often including author’s name)
2) review score
3) list of pros & cons
4) link to view & purchase product
5) explanation of the product’s contents and my opinion of the product in a few paragraphs

All Italian language materials are scored on a scale of 1 to 10. The evaluation is weighted based on the price point of the item and the type of item considered. A $200 language conversation course will earn a 10/10 if it is deemed worth the $200 AND accomplishes the goal of teaching good conversation skills.

I am fairly critical of the material that I review, which means that courses that score high (8-10) seem worth buying, and do an excellent job of achieving their goal. I highly recommend that you buy anything falling within that range, as long as it matches your needs. By “matches your needs”, I mean that if I review a Italian phrase book 9/10 and you need an Italian phrase book, I highly recommend this one.

Let me translate the number ratings into everyday language.

1-3: “This resource does not offer Italian language learners much help. It does not justify its price.”

3-5: “This resource is somewhat useful to Italian language learners, but has serious flaws.”

5-7: “This is a good resource for students and learners of the Italian language.”

8-9: “This is a great resource for students and learners of the Italian language.”

10: “This is a must-have resource for Italian language learners. It more than justifies the price.”

I implore you to understand your needs as a student and language learner before buying anything recommended by this site. How well do you want to speak Italian? Fluently? How do you learn languages? Do you prefer books, CDs, software, other? How much time can you dedicate to your language lessons? Will you learn to read & write the language, or is your emphasis on speaking Italian? Sit down, and list these types of goals for yourself. Believe it or not, these questions have an impact on the choices you should make as you learn the language.

What can you do to help?

If you are kind enough to link to this site or to make your purchases starting on a product review page, your help will go a long way in supporting this site’s effort. Leave a comment or send a message – your feedback is appreciated, fellow language learner!