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Score: 5/10 pros: interesting account of the academicians that discovered the oldest written Greek, and how; limited examples show some of the specifics of deciphering & reading Mycenaean Greek & its relation to Classical Greek cons: as a book, it tells a moderately interesting story (geared especially to linguist/archaeologist/classicist types), but as a language resource, […]

Score: 9/10 pros: a great reference for getting into the nitty-gritty of Ancient Greek pronunciation; explains what can be known about Ancient Greek pronunciation through linguistic/phonological analysis; proposes a way for dedicated learners to understand what Greek sounded like; discusses in detail many of the minutiae that pronunciation guides & lesson courses leave out cons: […]

Score: 8/10 pros: a strong linguistic overview of the whole of Ancient Greek; wide and deep coverage of the major forms of the Ancient Greek language, from prehistory to the koine; surveys phonology, lexis & morphology of a variety of dialects & ancient authors; gives derivations of words & structures from Proto-Indo-European & older Greek/Proto-Hellenic […]