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Score: 9/10 Pros: very relatable; encourages you to start SPEAKING Ancient Greek from day one; provides you with the right words, phrases and structures to start speaking early; dialogues are useful in the student’s contexts rather than the contexts of ancient authors; readings are relatable, interesting, even funny; students who follow along will understand readings […]

I haven’t yet put my hands on a copy of Mollin’s book for review, but I have heard some good things. The book is another grammar-based lesson book with contents in the front and vocabulary list at the back.

Score: 8/10 pros: covers the lot of Greek grammar without shying away from tougher topics; inexpensive & commendable “bang for your buck”; well-picked examples with translations clearly illustrate the author’s explanations; exercises include readings in Attic Greek early on; later chapters explore other aspects of Ancient Greek like dual forms, poetic & Homeric Greek; introduction […]

Score: 7/10 pros: includes nearly all Ancient Greek words beginners & intermediate learners are likely to encounter when you read Greek; formatting & organization are acceptable; actually pocket sized!; affordable cons: no English-Greek translation section; the word lists are bare-bones, giving a bunch of translations without any aid in choosing between them The Langenscheidt Pocket […]

Score: 9/10 pros: massive coverage of every word found in the most read Classical Greek authors; thorough definitions indicate when, how & by whom words are used; entries contain information on related roots & sometimes Latin translations (great for classicists); indicates grammatical information such as principal parts of verbs, & when meaning changes for different […]

Score: 9/10 pros: a great reference for getting into the nitty-gritty of Ancient Greek pronunciation; explains what can be known about Ancient Greek pronunciation through linguistic/phonological analysis; proposes a way for dedicated learners to understand what Greek sounded like; discusses in detail many of the minutiae that pronunciation guides & lesson courses leave out cons: […]

Score: 8/10 pros: a strong linguistic overview of the whole of Ancient Greek; wide and deep coverage of the major forms of the Ancient Greek language, from prehistory to the koine; surveys phonology, lexis & morphology of a variety of dialects & ancient authors; gives derivations of words & structures from Proto-Indo-European & older Greek/Proto-Hellenic […]