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Score: 9/10 Pros: very relatable; encourages you to start SPEAKING Ancient Greek from day one; provides you with the right words, phrases and structures to start speaking early; dialogues are useful in the student’s contexts rather than the contexts of ancient authors; readings are relatable, interesting, even funny; students who follow along will understand readings […]

Score: 9/10 pros: very even pacing; has you reading and understanding Greek very early; intuitive introduction of grammar – it’s only tabular when tables help!; lots of exercises; smart selection of examples; introduces new words and grammar at a good pace, sometimes challenging you with new ones just before they’re explained to see if you […]

I haven’t yet put my hands on a copy of Mollin’s book for review, but I have heard some good things. The book is another grammar-based lesson book with contents in the front and vocabulary list at the back.

Score: 8/10 pros: covers the lot of Greek grammar without shying away from tougher topics; inexpensive & commendable “bang for your buck”; well-picked examples with translations clearly illustrate the author’s explanations; exercises include readings in Attic Greek early on; later chapters explore other aspects of Ancient Greek like dual forms, poetic & Homeric Greek; introduction […]

Score: 7/10 pros: covers a huge range of Greek language use, structure, vocabulary & reading, all relevant to the NT, without rote memorization; really a series of well-organized notes that build on each other to allow you to clearly understand the text of Acts; explains & defines grammar & linguistic terms when used; great vocab […]