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Score: 3/10 pros: casual readers may appreciate the nontechnical presentation of Ancient Greek words/roots & the approachable explanations that list example words; clarifies potentially confused roots, antonyms & derivational affixes (“combining forms”) relevant to each root; a way to expand your English vocabulary cons: explains more about English than the underlying classical languages; “definitions” (really […]

Score: 7/10 pros: includes nearly all Ancient Greek words beginners & intermediate learners are likely to encounter when you read Greek; formatting & organization are acceptable; actually pocket sized!; affordable cons: no English-Greek translation section; the word lists are bare-bones, giving a bunch of translations without any aid in choosing between them The Langenscheidt Pocket […]

Score: 9/10 pros: massive coverage of every word found in the most read Classical Greek authors; thorough definitions indicate when, how & by whom words are used; entries contain information on related roots & sometimes Latin translations (great for classicists); indicates grammatical information such as principal parts of verbs, & when meaning changes for different […]

Score: 6/10 pros: well formatted & organized for ease of search; covers a good number of Greek words; on par with other Classical Greek dictionaries; first to offer English-Greek translations!; a few extras including a brief irregular verb table & even briefer pronunciation guide cons: the English-Greek section is invaluable for learners, but it’s too […]