If you’re looking to learn Ancient Greek, or you plan to broaden your understanding of the language, you have to wade through a variety of books and resources to pick the one that’s right for you.

If you’re learning Classical Greek, this website gives you a place to read reviews of products available for purchase online or at your local bookstore. For the most part, I will review and recommend Ancient Greek books, but I’m open to reviewing any Greek resource that students can’t use for free online.

Leave a comment on this site, particularly if you’ve used one of the materials I’ve reviewed and wish to add your opinion to mine.

Navigating this site

First, let me explain how this site is arranged. There are two parts to this site: posts and pages.

Posts are more specific. Each post presents a review of an Ancient Greek book or resource. You can find these posts/reviews under “categories” on the right sidebar or by searching in the search box.

Pages are more general. Pages include anything under the “About” section on the right sidebar, which will contain information about this site, about learning Greek, about terms I use in my reviews, and about the ancient Greek-speaking world.

You can click on the categories or tags on the right side, or simply search this site, to start reading reviews.

My rating system

Each review post will include a review score, a list of pros and cons for the particular book/resource reviewed, and a body of text in which I give a description of the resource and my opinion of it. My opinion will end with a recommendation – e.g. that a specific book is recommended for purchase.

Any recommended books are based on the supposition that 1) you are an Ancient Greek learner who 2) could use and benefit from the type of resource reviewed and 3) you agree with my assessment of the product.

For convenience, I score every from 1-10. Here is how I break down the scores:

1-3 “This resource has many faults and is not recommended to help you learn Ancient Greek”
4-6 “This resource is useful, but has serious faults, and I hesitate to recommend it for learning Ancient Greek”
7-8 “This resource has some drawbacks, but I recommend it to help you learn Ancient Greek”
9-10 “I find few or no faults with this course, and I highly recommend it to help you learn Ancient Greek”

Who are you?

I am a long-time learner of Ancient Greek, and have authored language learning resources including Learn to Write Ancient Greek, Native Grammar: How Languages Work.

My other online projects include free language lessons and reviews of Portuguese, Japanese and Italian language learning products, all listed on nativlang.com.